March 2000
We will need some help.

With a site this beautiful we need some top notch professionals to help our dreams come true. We have hired Kevin Howard architect. Kevin has designed several houses in the area and has a good reputation and a working relationship with the Canyon Pass Architectural Committee as well as the town of Marana. Marana is a relatively new town and is suffering with bureaucratic growing pains. We thought that hiring Kevin with his past experience working with these agencies would be a plus. It didn't necessarily work out that way. There seems to be a rule, "bureaucracy will overcome experience and logic every time." Near the end of the architectural phase we hired Barney Durbin of Taos Construction to be our General contractor - again Barney comes with an excellent reputation and has proven to be filled with constructive ideas and cost saving suggestions. We really like Barney and he and his crew have done quality work so far.


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Architectural drawings

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