Let's build a house
Why? - you might ask. It all happened by accident. We went to see friends in their new house and liked the area. We asked the foolish question:" Are there any lots for sale that we can build a custom home? "The answer was no, but there is some property up the road where property is available. We looked we liked, we bought.


When it's finished it should look similar to this.
This is the architect drawing inserted on the lot photo.
This look is from a few blocks away.


You can follow along and see how the house is progressing.

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Jo-an and Art's new house
The view

We will need some help.

We dig a hole

Let's put some steel in the hole.

How about some walls?

Lower Room

Guest Bathroom

Early visitors

The Work Goes On

Our Future Patio

What?? No Lizards

Concrete Everywhere

Look, Some Sticks

Framing continues

Another view

More structure

A fireplace?

More progress

Framing continues

More Framing

Taking Shape

Structural Supports

Masonry Structure

View from the Road

Looking North

Our Roof

All Hands on Deck

Lower Room and Patio

Come on in

Watch Your Step

Who Stole the Hot Tub?

What will you have?


Ducting and insulation


Getting Ready to Stucco

Delivering the Wallboard

Mesquite bar top

Wallboard Installation


Let's Sling Some Mud

Almost all Stuccoed

The stucco is finished

What should be done next?

Meanwhile on the inside

There Is A Lot Going On

Here comes some eqipment

Let's put this thing together

Heating and Air Conditioning

More Deliveries

Choices, choices, choices

Exterior Views

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